Big or small, each of our displays are produced on an 'all inclusive' basis, we won't charge you any extra than the price quoted. If you wish to request any specific extras, these can be quoted for individually, small additions, such as 'Love Heart' Shells for example will be at cost price. Major changes from a standard package will be custom quoted to fit with your budget. To see what our 'all inclusive' package consists of, please click here.


Whether your looking to spend £200 or £20000 we would be happy to provide a display to suit your needs; if your looking for some inspiration, below are three of our most popular packages to give you an idea of what to expect.

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£500 Display

At this entry price point Blaze Fireworks aim to give you more. To get the best out of the budget we recommend a running time of approximately  4 minutes. This display will contain a varied selection of quality Display Cakes, Roman Candles, and the all-important Aerial Shells for maximum impact.
Our standard £500 display includes 62 Shells up to 4”, 18 Display Cakes and 12 Multi-shot Roman Candles. Fired from three positions, this budget display covers plenty of sky and is sure to impress at a price many companies wouldn’t even quote for. Choose this package if you are on a tight budget and up to 100 guests.

£750 Display

Our mid-priced display packs a serious punch and we suggest a running time of approximately 6 minutes. This exceptional value display offers far more than many of our competitors,  including some of our Premium Cakes and more Aerial Shells of even larger sizes to fill the sky to bursting point.
Our standard £750 display includes 96 Shells up to 5”, 22 Display Cakes and 12 Multi-shot Roman Candles. Again, fired from three positions but with a greater spread of the Aerial Shells to wow your audience. Suitable for up to 250 guests

£1000 Display

Taking the £1000 budget to a new level, this package has a running time of 8 - 10 minutes and will blow the competition away. Bigger Premium Cakes will seriously impress you, larger special effect Shells and even more of them will blow your mind and the finale will leave you and your guests in awe.
Our standard £1000 display includes 130 Shells up to 6”, 25 Large Premium Cakes, 8 Large Bore Multi-shot Roman Candles. Fit for even the biggest display sites and for crowds of up to 400 guests.

Blaze Fireworks Ltd provide professional fireworks displays for almost any budget. We are happy to quote you regardless of your requirements and our most basic display could cost you as little as £200; probably the cheapest Pro fired display in the country.