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Fireworks synchronised to music

Blaze Fireworks

Uniquely designed pyromusical

Pyromusical – Fireworks synchronised to music.

Pyromusical displays are becoming one of the most popular types of firework displays for all types of event from a large public pyromusical display for bonfire night to a personal wedding pyro musical display.

Blaze Fireworks will work with you to create the perfect soundtrack to which the fireworks will be synchronised. Not all songs work well for pyromusical displays so we work with our clients and offer music suggestions which could be included. Your music choice may reflect the type of event (spooky for Halloween, Christmas music for a seasonal lights switch on) or have a mix of tracks covering all genres.

We use our professional firework design software and firing system that give split second timing of the display.

For smaller events such as wedding pyromusicals up to around 100 guests we include a complementary PA system. For larger events we can either connect to an existing sound system already on site or provide a PA system for all sizes of audiences.

We think that pyromusicals are so popular because of the extra ‘wow factor’ the choreography of the fireworks to the musical soundtrack brings.

Blaze Fireworks pyromusical displays start from just £1200 for a one song wedding pyromusical display. For high profile, large public events and corporate pyromusicals that have multiple firing positions and require a show with more impact, pricing generally ranges from £5000-£10000+ depending upon the event and exact requirements of the display.

We do not use ‘stock’ pyromusical displays, each one is individually crafted to our clients individual requirements. It’s always best to contact us and let us know your requirements whether it’s a one song display or 20 minute extravaganza.


We’re happy to talk with you about your firework display with no obligation, just give us a call.

Pyromusical Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of your pyromusical display will depend on the type of event and budget. Most of our pyromusical displays are between 3 and 20 minutes and for private or wedding pyromusicals generally we recommend a duration of around 10-12 minutes.

You can choose your own music for your pyromusical firework display. We will offer suggestions and advice depending upon your preferences and may need to edit the music to fit your chosen display duration. Our larger public bonfire night pyromusical displays generally use 8 tracks and last around 15-20 minutes.

Yes, we can produce a reduced noise pyromusical. The quiet pyromusical displays use “soft break” effects such as comets and horsetails that have a lower volume level than some of the louder effects.

Rain will not generally affect your pyromusical display (unless it’s flooded or monsoon conditions, or there’s a risk to staff or the public/guests). The fireworks used in the pyromusical display will be waterproofed to keep the elements at bay.

Wind can be a problem for the display particularly on difficult sites, if the wind is not in a safe direction based on our risk assessments then we may need to re-site the display, angle the effects or remove some longer burning effects.

You can have a pyromusical display at any time of the year however it’s worth remembering that the display must have finished by 11pm (unless it is November 5th, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year or Diwali) and that for summer events it’s usually not dark enough until after 10pm.

Once we have discussed and quoted for your pyromusical, everything is fully inclusive and include all music editing, planning, show design, venue liaison, site visits, risk assessments, firework display insurance and the rigging, firing and clear up of the display. For smaller events up to around 100 guests we include a PA system for the pyromusical. For larger events we can either ‘hook into’ an existing PA / Sound system or provide a suitable PA system as part of the quotation.

Not necessarily. The design and preparation of a pyromusical takes significantly longer than a traditional firework display and is a fully choreographed firework display with all the effects synchronised to music.  Fireworks to music is generally where a traditional non musical fireworks display has music played at the same time as the display.