Wedding Firework Displays

Wedding Firework Displays

Wedding Firework Displays

A perfect end to your perfect day

Wedding Firework Displays

Thrill your guests

Wedding Firework Displays

What could be more magical than a fireworks display on your wedding day?

Blaze fireworks want to help ensure your special day is perfect and firmly believe that nothing could be better than one of our magical wedding firework displays. Whether it’s a high impact explosive spectacular to music or soft romantic ballet in the sky, our displays will be a long remembered emotional experience creating memories that last a lifetime leaving your guests spellbound.

We offer a wide range of displays utilising the very best fireworks including rainbows of colour. All the perfect choice to provide a fitting finale to your wedding day.

The wedding firework displays undertaken by Blaze Fireworks are fully insured and the company has an excellent safety record. We pride ourselves for providing stunning fireworks displays whilst offering fantastic value for money.

We work with your venue to ensure that they are happy with the arrangements. If the venue does not normally allow fireworks then often there are options available when we speak to them such as a low noise wedding firework display or pyrotechnic fountain walkway.

Wedding fireworks pricing guide

Blaze Fireworks offer a range of firework displays to suit all budgets. Your wedding firework display price is based upon a number of factors and the pricing table below will give you a guide to the cost of your display.

We offer payment plans on all wedding firework displays when booked in advance which can be either a monthly fixed amount or variable payments as and when you choose with the final balance due 30 days prior to your wedding date.

The displays below are based on our most popular combinations, all can be amended or upgraded to suit your requirements and budget so if you cannot see what you are looking for then do not hesitate to give us a call, drop us an e-mail or complete the contact us form.

Traditional Wedding Firework Display (no music)

Just Married


Just Married! A fabulous wedding display lasting around 5 minutes



Ruby is our most popular wedding display package lasting around 7-8 minutes. Beautiful sky filling effects.



Diamond is our superb wedding display at around 10 minutes duration and guaranteed to wow your guests

Red Diamond


A beautiful high impact display running at around 10 minutes but with a higher density of effects than our standard Diamond package – including a complimentary double-up finale. Ideal for anyone who loves fireworks!

Quiet Wedding Display

If your venue will only allow firework displays which are quiet or reduced noise then we can help. All of our displays can be provided in a lower noise format. Contact Us with the package you would prefer and let us know that you need a low-noise quiet display.

Bespoke Traditional Wedding Display

Want a longer display, a higher volume of fireworks or more firework firing locations ? 

Contact us about our bespoke design service.

Pyromusical Wedding Firework Display

Pyromusical Wedding Display

Our bespoke designed pyromusical wedding displays start from £1200 for one song with a duration of around 3 minutes.

We want your pyromusical display to be as individual as you and the music you choose. Unlike some other companies we do not offer ‘stock’ pyromusicals. All Blaze Fireworks pyromusical displays are individually quoted based upon duration, number of firing sites, size of effects and effect density (the number of effects firing at the same time).

Whatever your requirements, contact us for a chat about our bespoke pyromusical wedding display design service. We’ll discuss your vision, music and colour preferences and then produce a fully inclusive quotation so you are sure there are no hidden extras.

We often get asked how much the wedding pyromusical display will be without any detail or information. As a guide, prices range from £1200 for a one song pyromusical to £10,000+ for a 15 minute high intensity pyromusical.

We also include a PA system suitable for up to approximately 100 guests as standard. If you have a large number of guests or require a large sound coverage area then we will provide additional PA at a low incremental cost.

Wedding Firework Display Optional Extras

Additional Heart Shells

£30 per 4 extra

We include complimentary heart shaped aerial shells in all our wedding displays. Add additional heart shape shells to your wedding firework display for just £30 per 4.

Double up the end of your display


Double up the final moments for an unbelievable finish to your display.


From £150

If you would like your initials surrounding a heart shape or any other simple shapes then we can produce lancework to start or end your display.

Wedding Fireworks Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of your wedding firework display is entirely up to you however most tend to be between 5 and 10 minutes for traditional firework displays or 10 and 15 minutes for pyromusical displays.

We can speak to your venue at your request, often we can discuss their concerns such as noise or debris and negotiate an acceptable solution. Give us a call now or send us an e-mail – the earlier we can approach the venue the more time we have to work on an agreement. In the event that the venue is strictly “no fireworks” often they will still allow low-debris / low-noise effects such as a silver fountain walkway taken from our close-proximity pyrotechnic range which also makes an ideal photo opportunity with the bride and groom.

Yes, Blaze Fireworks produce a quiet wedding firework displays (or more accurately reduced noise) where the venue has restrictions or for personal preference. The quiet firework displays use “soft break” effects such as comets and horsetails that have a lower volume level than some of the louder effects.


Generally speaking rain will not affect your firework display unless it’s flooded or monsoon conditions, or there’s a risk to either Blaze Fireworks staff or wedding guests. All our fireworks will be waterproofed to keep the elements at bay.


Wind can be problematic for firework displays because of the fall out from aerial effects. If the wind is not in a safe direction on site then we may need to re-site the display, angle the effects or remove some longer burning effects completely. Safety is top priority and only in extreme circumstances would we cancel a display due to wind (we have not yet cancelled a display due to the weather).

You can have your wedding firework display at any time of the year however it’s worth considering a number of points.

  • Your display must have finished by 11pm (unless it is November 5th, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year or Diwali).
  • If you’re having a summer wedding then it’s not usually dark enough to get the best effect until after 10pm
  • Check with your venue what is the latest time they will allow firework displays, or we can speak to them on your behalf

Our wedding display packages or custom quotations are fully inclusive and include all planning, venue liaison, site visits, risk assessments, firework display insurance and the rigging, firing and clear up of the display.

Yes you can choose your own music for your wedding pyromusical. Fireworks work better choreographed to some music than others and we can offer suggestions and advice depending upon your preferences.We may need to edit the music to fit your chosen display duration; in most cases you’ll get one full song in a 5 minute pyromusical but we can shorten and edit tracks together if you would prefer. At 10 minute pyromusical is usually based around 3 music tracks.

A pyromusical is a fully choreographed firework display with all the effects synchronised to music. The design and preparation of a pyromusical takes significantly longer than a traditional firework display which is reflected in the higher cost of the display. A pyromusical is not the same as fireworks to music where a traditional non musical fireworks display has music played along with the display often resulting in the display looking like it is out of time with the music!

Most weddings are classed as private events and will not require event insurance. Blaze Fireworks is fully insured for your wedding firework display covering both public and employer liability.

If you require a last minute wedding firework display or another supplier is unable to provide your display at short notice then please get in touch and we’ll do all we can to help. We can often provide a firework display at short notice or even the same day.


We’re happy to talk with you about your firework display with no obligation, just give us a call.